Workflow automation for teams

Empower teams to collaborate more effectively and ship faster. We deliver insights and automations for every team in your organization.

Team Insights

Observability for everyone

Change is a team effort. Our platform makes data visible to everyone, not just managers. On all of our plans, you can invite your entire team to our platform without any additional cost.
Code reviews
Working Agreements

Stay on top of slipping work

Get automated reminders when work is stuck waiting for review or changes are ready to be deployed. Tie action to success by measuring improvement over time.

Ready to Deploy

Visibility into upcoming deployments

Collaborate more efficiently with your team by seeing which changes have been deployed and which changes are ready to ship.

Upcoming deployments
Slack Integration

Power up your team in Slack

Stay on top of code reviews and upcoming deployments with smarter notifications and workflow automations.

Preview deployments in Slack. We automatically detect how your pull requests are deployed if you use GitHub Actions, releases, or deployments. When you’re ready to ship, send a preview of your upcoming deployments to team members in Slack.

Slack deployment previews

Share updates with your team and see how your team is tracking against your working agreements. Get a daily rollup of work that’s in progress and a weekly report of your team's merged pull requests.

Slack daily digest

Get automated reminders when pull requests waiting on review, approval, merge, and deployment do not meet your working agreements.

Slack pull request notifications

Start group code reviews. Create ephemeral Slack channels for your pull requests to collect and share feedback during the code review process.

Group code reviews in Slack

Automate daily standup. Quickly generate a standup message that recaps your recently closed and currently open pull requests.

Automate standup in Slack

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