Data Security at Software

We designed privacy, security, and access control into every aspect of our product and software, down to the infrastructure that powers it all. The entire Software team, from engineering to operations, works hard to earn your trust.

How we secure your data

Source code protection

We never read, transmit, or store source code. We do not edit or modify code or files.

Read-only permissions

We request minimum permissions and use read-only API calls to analyze GitHub metadata while keeping your data private.

Data encryption

We encrypt all data at rest in databases, backups, and storage. All data processing, transformations, and queries are done without ever being able to see sensitive data.

Zero-trust architecture

We keep your data safe with zero trust architecture and processes. We secure access to all databases with StrongDM, which provides a zero trust, credential-free way to access databases, servers, and infrastructure.

SOC 2 compliance

The Software data platform is fully SOC 2 compliant. We partner with Drata, a continuous compliance platform, to monitor our security posture on an ongoing basis.

Frequently asked questions

What data do you collect?

Our GitHub integration only collects metadata about your organization’s activity. We never read, transmit, or store source code. Some of the APIs we request permissions to access include:

  • Repository contents (includes commits), pull requests, and issues
  • Organization members and projects

After the initial sync, our app subscribes to ongoing GitHub webhook events to provide you with real-time insights. Some examples of the events that we subscribe to include:

  • Push
  • Pull request
  • Pull request review
  • Pull request comment
  • Release

You can learn more about the data we collect and the permissions we request on our GitHub integration's information page.

Can I request that my data be deleted? 

Yes. When you delete an organization from the settings view in our app, we also delete your organization's GitHub metadata.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Send us an email at if you have any additional questions.
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Privacy and Security for All

Our mission is to uphold the integrity of your data through state of the art security and industry best practices. We securely store, process, and analyze your data so that you can use the Software platform with confidence.

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