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Deployment previews

When you’re ready to ship, send a preview of your upcoming deployments to team members in Slack.

We automatically detect how your pull requests are deployed if you use GitHub Actions, releases, or deployments. Select a channel you want to notify of an upcoming deployment and we’ll send a notification to your team with pull requests that are ready to be deployed. 


Share updates with your team and see how your team is tracking against your working agreements. 

Subscribe to team digests to get a daily rollup of work that’s in progress and a weekly report of your team's merged pull requests. Each team can subscribe to their own daily and weekly digests, which are sent to their team Slack channel.


Get automated reminders when pull requests waiting on review, approval, merge, and deployment do not meet your working agreements. 

Working agreements help you define how your team works together. For example, you can create a working agreement to review pull requests in under a day. Every team can set their own working agreements, so you can figure out what works best for your team. Out of the box, we automatically suggest working agreements for your team, but you can customize each one to fit your needs. 

Async reviews

Start group code reviews and create new Slack channels for your pull requests to collect and share feedback during the code review process.

With the /pull_requests command, you can see your team’s open pull requests in Slack and quickly start a group review in a new channel. Group reviews create a Slack channel based on the name of your pull request, such as #review-pr-repository-348. You can invite team members to the channel to discuss feedback while reviewing your changes. 

Standup bot

Automate daily standup by generating a message that recaps your recently closed and currently open pull requests.

You will first need to connect your individual GitHub account with the /connect_accounts command. Next, use the /standup command to create a new message with the titles of your open and merged pull requests from the previous day. You can always edit your message before sending it.


Pull requests

See a list of your organization’s open pull requests, including their age, status, author, and link to GitHub. Start a group review in a new channel or merge pull requests on GitHub.

Type /pull_requests to view open pull requests. 

Connect accounts

Create a account and connect GitHub and Slack. This step is required to generate a standup message and mention team members in notifications. If you do not currently have an account, you will be prompted to create one with GitHub.

Type /connect_accounts to create a account or connect an existing one. You will also be prompted to connect your personal GitHub account. 


Automatically generate a message with your open and merged pull requests from the previous day. You can edit your message before sending it.

Type /standup to begin drafting a standup message.

Software help

View information about and tips for getting the most out of our app for Slack.

Type /software_help to get help with the app. 

How to connect Slack

If you’re new to, you will need to first create an account and connect to your GitHub organization

Next, connect Slack from your organization’s settings. Select the Connected apps tab in the navigation menu and click Connect Slack. You will be redirected to Slack where you can choose your workspace and review permissions before installing the app. 

Permissions we request

Our integration for Slack requests the minimum permissions required to show open pull requests, create channels for code reviews, and notify team members of work that needs attention. We do not read any of your team’s messages, aside from commands related to the app.

Permissions we request include: 

  • Send messages: We send messages as to display notifications and digests.
  • Commands: Any Slack users in a workspace can use commands for our app. You can view a list of available commands on our app listing
  • Create public channels: We create new channels when you choose to start a group review of an open pull request. 

You can learn more about our security practices and data handling in our security overview

Common questions

Why do I need to connect GitHub? 

When you sign up for a account and connect to GitHub, you will get data to help you discover hidden blockers that are stalling your team — including the time it takes to review, approve, and merge pull requests. We use that data to alert teams of work that needs attention, automate daily standup, and send digests to keep your team on track.

How does pricing work?

Software offers a free Starter plan with visibility into key metrics and a paid Pro plan (starting at $99 per month) with advanced features, like code review and CI/CD insights. A subscription to the Pro plan is required to use our integration for Slack. 

You can get started with a free two-week trial of the Pro plan, no credit card required. Learn more about our pricing.

Is there a limit to how many members of my team I can invite to

No. You can invite as many team members as you want without any additional cost. Our tiered pricing model is based on the size of your GitHub organization.